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PIGpen Wiki

Welcome to the PREMIS Implementor's Group Wiki (the PIG pen)!

PREMIS Implementors are encouraged to share information here.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using the "attach" function to upload files, please select the option "upload to the Swiki" rather than "upload to the Page".

Change form for PREMIS Data Dictionary and Schema revisions

PREMIS Revisions

Participate in the revision of the PREMIS Data Dictionary and Schema.

PREMIS Conformance Working Group

Rights changes for version 2.2 and 3.0


Controlled vocabularies for use with PREMIS semantic units

Please list controlled values you use here.

PREMIS Ontology

For the developing PREMIS OWL ontology.

Using PREMIS with METS

Materials for PREMIS Tutorials

See under tutorials:

Examples of PREMIS usage (encoded or using template)

If you have examples of your local use of PREMIS, please share them here.

Please send contributions to:

Background Documents from Core Elements Working Group

Some older materials that might be useful in illuminating Data Dictionary decisions.

Premis List EventTypes20100225 BL.doc
Premis List RelationshipTypes20100225.doc